Sunday 30 September 2012

Bitcoin - The First Five Questions

Erik Voorhees recently received five questions from a radio host, and he thought his five questions were very apt – these are emblematic of the questions most people ask.
It seemed appropriate and useful to make these answers public. Every journalist and curious observer should perhaps read this before pursuing Bitcoin further. Read the five Bitcoin questions here.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Bitcoin Prepaid Debit Card proposed by BitInstant

Last August, BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem announced that his company would be releasing a new product: a Bitcoin prepaid Debit Card. The product is scheduled to come out in six to eight weeks, and would cost $10, although Shrem announced that the first thousand cards would be given out for free. The concept of a Bitcoin card is nothing new; they have existed in some form for months.
Read the full article about the proposed Bitcoin prepaid debit card here in Bitcoin Magazine.