Bitcoin for Virtual Purchases

Why Bitcoins will dominate secondary market payments for virtual items:
1. Bitcoin payments are irreversible--the biggest problem for sellers.
2. Bitcoin payments have no, or tiny, fees, making microtransactions (<$1.00) possible.
3. Bitcoin payments are global, making borders meaningless and currency conversion unnecessary.
4. No age or jurisdictional restrictions.  Anyone of any age with an internet connection can setup a Bitcoin wallet in minutes.
Bitcoin makes a lot of sense for a lot of other industries as well and we're already seeing many online and some bricks-and-mortar shops starting to accept Bitcoins. Already, some sellers (Alpaca socks) have seen their sales rocket by choosing to accept Bitcoins.  Soon enough, you may have no desire to convert your Bitcoins to other fiat currencies. The social implications of a global Bitcoin adoption are pretty awesome.