Thursday 14 March 2013

Bitcoin Rises - Al Jazeera News

"Although there is still the possibility of a volatile market, the Bitcoin ecosystem looks more promising than ever."

Timely informative article on the rise in value of bitcoin, written by Nicolas Mendoza, a Colombian scholar, artist and researcher in global media from the University of Melbourne, currently at City University of Hong Kong. Also P2P Foundation collaborator, Editorial board Bitcoin Magazine
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"About a year ago I (the author) wrote an article, published on the Al Jazeera site, titled "Understanding Bitcoin". It was an attempt at introducing Bitcoin technology and analysing its social implications. Now Bitcoin markets are trading at record prices of over US$40. This increase, along with a series of recent developments, marks a new overall state of affairs for this project. To make better sense - beyond the mere market numbers - of the current state of the Bitcoin economy, it is worth it to make a brief recount of the way Bitcoin has evolved in recent months."
"...Bitcoin 2013 is certainly a much more robust animal than its 2011 version, and its future looks more promising now than ever before. Step by step, Bitcoin rises."
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